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Day 10: A day to clean

First off, I think I need to play around with my schedule a bit because going to yoga in the evening then writing a blog post (and publishing) right before bed isn’t doing me any favors. I’m tired and eager to get my thoughts out of my mind and on the screen. The silver lining is my thoughts are raw, not overly-constructed and are very real-time.

Tonight I went to CorePower Yoga 2; it was my second time attending this class, and it was  fairly different than the first time. The room was bright (last time it was dim), the class was more basic, and the attendees all seemed like “normal” people. The last Yoga 2 class was full of advanced yogis (to my untrained eye!), which was super fun and motivating. Seeing people do handstands, inversions and various balancing acts made me want to get to that level.

Today was the first day I didn’t have plans during the day, so I was able to do loads (literally) of laundry and clean up the house a bit. I feel like we need to purge; we have so.much.stuff, but it’s nice to at least have an organized nightstand. 🙂

I added an app to sync my new Nikon photos with my phone wirelessly. Yea, technology! Can’t wait to play more with my new camera.

Dreaming of the day I’ll be able to nail a handstand,


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