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Day 11: Talking is tiring

Per my thought yesterday about not doing yoga and blogging at the end of the day, I woke up early and took the 7:15 CorePower Yoga 2 class this morning. It already feels like this morning was such a long time ago; which leads me to point 2: I’m still writing my blog post at the end of the day. Ah well, one step at a time.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Verenice of Exploring the Wisdom Within for an “Intuitive Session.” Verenice gave the gift of providing space to talk, prodding for places to dig into further, and time to reflect. She also had a blanket and pillow on hand to encourage getting comfortable! Verenice is a certified hypnotherapist, and I’d like to explore a hypnotherapy session at some point as I’ve never tried it.

After Verenice, I had a session with coach Chloe Good whose site states: “I work with professionals and entrepreneurs who are very successful, but aren’t fulfilled with their lives. They realize they want something more. They want to feel love, have meaningful work and live in alignment with their higher purpose.  I help align their life to their higher purpose, and experience a kind of aliveness they have never felt before. It all starts with learning to trust themselves and following their intuition.

Chloe walked me through sitting with my feelings of fear, then joy, specifically around some questions and thoughts I have about my life path going forward. While closing my eyes to visualize, I held one end of a stick while Chloe held the other, so I could “feel” she was going through those emotions with me. I’d never heard of that practice before, and I can see how it would help someone not feel alone.

I had one other fun experience today, but I’m going to write about it tomorrow. Being vulnerable and talking to strangers about my hopes and dreams (not to mention the two-hour drive in traffic home) has zapped my energy.

Tired (again),


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