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Day 12: Failing means I’m trying (or “Self-help post comin’ at ya”)

It’s been a weird week. Actually, I’m going to rephrase that. I’ve had a couple weird things happen this week, and I’m trying not to ruminate on what I could have done differently to change the outcome. (I like these 8 tips to help stop ruminating.) Around these weird things have been really wonderful things, and after I hit “publish” on this post, I’m choosing to shift my attention to focus on the good. 

A complete stranger yelled at me on the street (using some very colorful language), and last night someone blocked me on Instagram. (What a first world problem to have! Instagram achievement unlocked, I guess?) I do wish it were for me standing up for something I believe in (see: Chrissy Teigen) rather than a miscommunication. Maybe it’s because Mercury is in retrograde. (Can someone explain what that really means?) And yes, I realize wanting an explanation or apology is not helpful for my growth. I’m sending both of these individuals wishes for light, love and happiness.

Anyway, I’m pushing myself to expand the circle of humans I know (I wasn’t trying to get to know the stranger on the street, but she definitely wanted me to notice her!), and getting out of the comfort zone means I’m going to encounter amazing, wonderful, life-changing stuff that sticks, and I’m going to experience icky stuff too. 

Reminders for myself today (feel free to hand-paint these on reclaimed wood to hang in your home ;P):

  • You can’t be everything to everyone. 
  • You’re not everyone’s cup of tea (maybe they want coffee…or champagne). 
  • What you are seeking is seeking you.
  • You must detach from expecting validation, apologies, understanding, and explanations from others.

And one that happened to be posted this morning by the wonderful Lauren Hom

  • “Think of people who unfollow you as raisins in your trail mix that you didn’t really want anyway.” 

To me, unfollow means in life, not just online. Not everyone wants to go where I’m going, and that’s okay. It’s creating space for the people who are excited to be going where I’m going.

I bought this box of Affirmators after spotting it at the check-out counter at a local store this week (darn you, last-minute counter goodies!), and I picked a card randomly for myself this morning. It said, “I choose to live a life of my fullest potential. I trust that this will draw me towards experiences and people that support my growth and accomplishment. Tuning into this frequency, I now reach higher heights than I ever thought possible. Knowing that’s an option, why would I have ever tuned into anything else?

Per a friend’s recommendation, I started following this account on Instagram, and this was the post today. 

@thirdeyethoughts November 15, 2019

Today I release all grudges and negative emotions towards everyone. I am allowing myself to forgive those who have wronged me. I am moving on and focusing on the future. I am no longer allowing people from my past to effect [sic] who I am today.”

In the above-mentioned 8 tips to help stop ruminating is this quote:

According to David Burns, Ph.D., assistant professor at Stanford University, and author of Feeling Good, “the quickest way to find success is to fail over and over again.”

Failure, I’m coming for you! 

Attempting courage,


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