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Day 13: Art helps

Today my “Make the rest of your life the best of your life” print arrived in the mail and immediately went in a frame on my mantel. I’ve admired the work of Kelsey, illustrator and creator of Honey and the Hive, for years. She has a sassy, playful, old-school vibe I connect to.

This past week I found Maggie Enterrios of Little Patterns on Instagram, and I am OBSESSED (requires all caps for my level of obsession) with her intricate, mesmerizing work. Look at this gorgeous, detailed piece she created for Dandelion Chocolate. I reached out to her today to see if she could take on a custom request, but she’s in such demand she has no availability for the rest of the year for anyone, let alone time for small, personal projects—unfortunately for me. (If you know any artists with a similar style, please let me know!)

The biggest piece I have on my mantel right now is a print called “Drink Me” from Victor Grasso. He also has an incredibly inspiring Instagram account. His paintings look so real, but often feature people in unreal situations. The details in his creations blow me away.

Do you have any favorite artists or pieces of art?

In appreciation of creativity,


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