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Day 15: Preparing for “Modern Calligraphy 101”

As I type this, I have hair color on my roots, Peter Thomas Roth Lactic Pore Treatment on my face and whitening gel on my teeth. I’m clearly influenced by my society’s beauty ideals, eh?

Today I ordered a ton of supplies—the basics, as well as some fun extras—to get started on my Modern Calligraphy 101 program by Shinah of Crooked Calligraphy. Many years ago I used to paint aisle runners for weddings (mostly lettering, some minor designs) and address wedding envelopes, but I’ve never actually taken a calligraphy course, so I’m really looking forward to practicing and learning new things.

In addition to being wowed by Shinah’s calligraphy, I love her story. In her words, she used to be “an unhappy corporate lawyer,” and now she’s a “full-time creative entrepreneur.” She made this transition just a few years ago, and now she’s inspiring people every day with her elegant, encouraging, sometimes-curse-filled calligraphy. 🙂



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