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Day 18: A touristy lunch, therapy session, psychic reading and online workshop

I went to San Francisco for lunch today (beautiful views from Fog Harbour Fish House) and met up with a childhood friend I hadn’t seen in years. We went to Pier 39 where the giant Christmas tree was being adorned with hanging bulbs.

Pier 39 Christmas tree

This afternoon I had my third session with the therapist I started seeing. The parking situation did not equal a good time, so next time I think I might head to a parking garage and just Lyft or Uber to her office. If I weren’t on leave, I wouldn’t have the luxury of this three-hour commute midday. Grateful to have this option to build my awareness.

Side note: Kids can be loud. I just put in earbuds and opened up rainymood.com. Have you heard of it? It’s my favorite background noise, and for times I also want music, I’ll turn on classic Christmas music with the rain playing in the background. If only I were in pjs and fuzzy socks sitting in front of a fire. With warm cookies. And hot chocolate. And a fluffy dog. And hairless cats. And someone was giving me a scalp and shoulder massage. #basic #myheaven

Anyway, as I was walking back to my car after my session, I strolled past a psychic sign offering a $10 palm reading. Curiously, I rang the bell and asked if they could take a walk-in. (Try all the experiences.) $65 and 30 minutes later I had had a “psychic reading” that touted itself as an exploration of my present and future. Well….let’s just say I didn’t learn anything about myself, but it was a lesson that there are opportunities for people to make money in all sorts of ways. Even if you are completely making things up and talking nonsense, someone (in this case a curious passerby) will pay for it. (I’m neither pregnant nor searching for love. Are those popular reasons people consult a psychic?)

My husband is on a work trip in Japan, so tonight I had a babysitter come watch the girls so I could join Shinah’s online “Leap” workshop on “How to tame your FEARS so they don’t hold you  back quite as fiercely, and…How to see the POSSIBILITIES so you can start showing your brain what’s out there.” 

The workshop was foundational (but I work in this field, so I was familiar with the topics) yet insightful in that we covered a lot of things I’ve been focusing on the past few months, so it was reiteration I’m on the right path for me today. I started following Shinah on Instagram because of her calligraphy, and now she’s out there encouraging and teaching people to chase their dreams, while providing structure for those who might want framework. She’s down-to-earth, no BS, transparent and relatable. She’s an inspiring human and strong business woman. Seeing people who are able to grow their offerings and help people and pursue passions is clearly a time to use the two-hands-raised-in-celebration emoji. 

Anything is possible. 

Exploring everything,


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